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Anonymous says
10:25 am

Wife swaps and wildfires: What's on tonight
FOX has two episodes of Prison Break, starting at 8pm. They're advertising it as a 2-hour event, which means the first hour is a repeat and the second hour is new.
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Anonymous says
10:26 am

Give a bundle of love for Christmas! Oodles of Poodles to choose from. Toys, Tiny Toys, Tea Cups, a little girl or boy. Ask Santa to bring a gift of continuing joy!

Anonymous says
10:27 am

Scientists uncover first chimp fossils in Africa
The scientific journal Nature has reported the discovery of chimp fossils in Africa.
Blogs are like children. You love them and nuture them and hope that they turn out alright. It appears you have done that with your blog! Great work!

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