180609 - Don'T judGE a boOk bY iT's coVEr

Hehehe..swey to u all cause not post something for a few day..im quite bz now n dont have something to post..we hv snapped these pics at pcb..i hope u all dont have a bad view to us..dont say that we drink..we dont take something like that..we just make it as a prop..hehehe..but i think that all the pics were not a goog pics...a few of post is like a b**ch...hehehe..k..that all for right now..tq for view my blog..keep in touch..adios..

110609 -TwO caNT bE ThReE

*hmm..on that day just me n j hang out tgether...haikal n family have a picnic at tok bali..we felt a little bit bored when haikal not hang out with us..hahaha..now i know if the cicoks nk hang out tgther..i could felt comething missing..on that day i just follow j to jpj to get his licence..after that..bla....bla....bla...(a long story)...finally we take a pics...hehehe..thats all...lazy to tell everything..k tq..

080609 - meRENdek

*Hehehe..'lepak2' now became our fav activities in leisured time..mybe it look just ordinary activities n wasting time but we have fun...we dont care what other people said..we dont disturb other people..we just an ordinary teenagers that wanna find something that we still dont feel..we wanna have the exciting experient in a life..we know after this it look so difficult for us to spend a time together like this..so, now we just enjoy n spend our time with something that we like..it not easy 2 become as close as we have now..we have been a good n bad time together in SMKPC 2..we have a funny n silly experient during f2..we hv been punished by the teacher when we put the fire cracker in someone beg..im just the mindmaker n the fire crackers was mine..j was light up the fire crakers n haikal was put it in the beg...hehehe..all over the school can hear the 'boom' sound of fire cracker..this moment will become our exciting experient that we cant forget forever n ever..hehehe..ok..that all right now i wanna tell about us..i pray for god to keep our strong relationship for ever n ever...tq guys for became my bestfwens..only god can pay back whats u all hv done for me..tq guys.. (sorry for the broken eng)

070609 - 070608

Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker

*Hohoho..Finally gnap gk ar stahun ak n HER.Thanx 2 god for give a such great girl like her..Btw tq girl cause give me a chance 2 know u..2 be a parts of ur life..
2 be my superb moment in my life..
tq for everything...

070609 - StrEet arTs @ vaNdaL!sm ???

ish3..bdak2 skrang mmg truk btul ar..Hbs sume tmpat depa nk cnteng..Ats bas ni pn depa cnteng..Klau ak nk snap pics mmg byk tmpat ar depa2 ni cnteng..Mmg truk gler ar..Ni klau tourist tgk ni mmg malu gler ar..Ak hrap ad phak dpt ambl tndkan sslan yg efektif..Dh truk sgt ni..

060609 - Ha!k@L maKiNg Out ???

*Hohoho..ni pics haikal time dia nk ckupkn 8jam minimum sblm test ngan jpj..Ak sje2 lpak kat sni tman dia..Klakar ar plak tgk org tgh blajar mto ni..Trigt time2 ak dlu..time lambai2,lalu titi ape sume 2..Btw..Gud luck for haikal..May god bless u..