tHe rEsTaUrAnT pRoBlEm

Three women went into a restaurant and ordered a meal which,according to the menu,cost RM 10 per person.After finishing their meal,each person handed the waiter RM 10.The waiter then took the RM 30 (=RM 10+RM 10+RM 10) to the restaurant manager,who said to the waiter :

"Those three are good customers - here,take RM 5 and give it back to them as a

The waiter, on recieving the RM 5 note,thought to himself :

"Hmm,it's a bit hard to share a RM 5 note between three people.What i'll do is give them a RM 1 coin each,and tell them that manager said that each of them was being given a discount of RM 1 because they were valued customers.Then i'll keep the remaining RM 2 for myself"

The waiter did just what he said he would do.Hence,each customer paid RM 9 (=RM 10 - RM 1) for the meal.Now 3 x RM 9 = RM 27, and the waiter kept RM 2 for himself ; so RM 27 + RM 2 = RM 29.Where has the other RM 1 gone.Who can solve this probem can leave a comment.

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