080609 - meRENdek

*Hehehe..'lepak2' now became our fav activities in leisured time..mybe it look just ordinary activities n wasting time but we have fun...we dont care what other people said..we dont disturb other people..we just an ordinary teenagers that wanna find something that we still dont feel..we wanna have the exciting experient in a life..we know after this it look so difficult for us to spend a time together like this..so, now we just enjoy n spend our time with something that we like..it not easy 2 become as close as we have now..we have been a good n bad time together in SMKPC 2..we have a funny n silly experient during f2..we hv been punished by the teacher when we put the fire cracker in someone beg..im just the mindmaker n the fire crackers was mine..j was light up the fire crakers n haikal was put it in the beg...hehehe..all over the school can hear the 'boom' sound of fire cracker..this moment will become our exciting experient that we cant forget forever n ever..hehehe..ok..that all right now i wanna tell about us..i pray for god to keep our strong relationship for ever n ever...tq guys for became my bestfwens..only god can pay back whats u all hv done for me..tq guys.. (sorry for the broken eng)

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