260709 - Here I cOme...

Alhamdulillah..Finally i came back to my sweet home..Act this is not mid sem break..But couse of H1N1, VC of UiTM took a safe action to prevent this epidemic from spread more..So the mid sem break is reschedule n bring it forward..

The main things that i wanna said here was about my journey..This was my 1st time experience on a train (excpt comuter n lrt)..But this not a good experience..My journey took about almost
12 hours..hahaha..I didnt wanna talk about the condition of the train..If you see the ticket im sure you all can imagine the condition of the train..When i was sat on the seat n my first that appeared in my mind was.."can this train bring me home"..hahaha..I think if i wanna talk about the train is long enough to make you all sleep..hmm..I think thats all about my experience on a train..Thanks to the train for bring me home still in good condition..hehehe..Ok..Thats all..TQ.

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