280709 - Tanah Merah N Rambutan

Hohoho..I hv got a ticket to Bahau for this saturday..Im a little bit nervous when heard that the ticket was sold out..Its make me frighten ma...hehe..But all those feeling were flying with the wind..After i got my ticket from my buddy..I went to my Ayah Wil's house..He's my great grandpa..He wanna me to bring some fruits home..Im said ok la..bla..bla..bla...Then,you could saw how much he wanna me to bring rambutan back..There still a bag plastic of rambutan left..Im forgot to snap a pics..hehehe..

To make it simple..I brought all those things home..Before im went back..Im took a lunch at my uncle's house..Im take a bath n rest there..Around 1530 im went back to KB..The journey took about an hour..

This was the most importann things that i wanna said here..Around 1730..Im pack some of the
fruits to bring it for MY LOVELY ONE.Now she futher her study in USM for Dip. In Nursing..But..i wonder,can she be a good nurse??hehehe..Ok2..Last but not least..Gud Luck my GIRL..Take care of urself there..I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!

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